Morning Chapel

We begin each day with prayer, praise and worship to invite His Presence
into our lives and to create a more intimate connection with God by
focusing our intentions and aligning our daily priorities.
“I will praise the Name of God with song and magnify Him with
thanksgiving.” Psalms 69:30
Chapel will include a speaker bringing to life God’s word, helping shape the students faith and encourage spiritual growth.
It is an important part of your student’s
education and spiritual development. Students learn spiritual lessons that
affirm their faith and shape and strengthen their character.
Parents are welcome to join us each morning.

 Daily chapel is a deep commitment we have for the spiritual growth of our students.

Fresh Fire Christian Academy

Chapel seeks to build Christ-centered community where spiritual experiences can occur. 

Fresh Fire Christian Academy

Chapel is intended to give glory to the King. The God of all creation. 

Fresh Fire Christian Academy


8:30 AM on School Days
Parents are welcome to join us in Chapel each morning.

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