Admissions Process

How to Apply:

Step One

Arrange a Private Tour: It's essential for parents to fully grasp our mission and vision for FFCA and your child's education. During this step, you'll meet with the Head of School and explore the campus.

Step Two

Submit Application: Once you've determined that Fresh Fire Christian Academy is the ideal fit for your child, please fill out the online application available here.

Pre-K through 1st Grade Age Guidelines
  • Applicants for Pre-Kindergarten must be four by September 1st.
  • Applicants for Kindergarten must be five by September 1st.
  • Applicants for First Grade must be six by September 1st.

Step Three

Student Evaluation: FFCA takes the time to assess each prospective student to ensure we can meet their needs effectively.
Parent Interview: The final stage of the admissions process involves a parent interview. This meeting aims to establish a personal connection with each family and address any queries they may have about FFCA.

Step Four

Admission Notification: Upon completion of the assessment and interview process, your family will receive notification from admissions regarding the admission decision. Details regarding the enrollment process will be provided at this stage.

Do you have questions over admissions? Contact us here or give us a call at 806-535-1182